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Religion and Commerce in Early Modern Europe Essay -- European History

Class discussions about religious history inevitably turn to the question of whether religious ideals throughout history remain absolute or are relative to the social, political and economic trends of the time. For example, students are sometimes disturbed to learn that in early Christian history, conversion was often in response to economic or political benefits rather than religious fervor. Naturally, at the Catholic prep school where I teach, students want to believe religious ideals and rhetoric are absolute. Yet, when studying the role of religion in shaping societies, one cannot help but be struck by the fluidity of religious rhetoric. Although such a discovery may be obvious to some, it is important for students to understand that we still live in a world where people make important social and political decisions based on moral absolutes, with an insistence on traditional and unchangeable religious values. It is essential, therefore, that teachers of religious history promote discussion on the possible flexibility of religious ideologies: is religious rhetoric part of an unwavering, scriptural tradition, or do those who practice religion create the rhetoric? Moreover, do human self-interest and socio-economic change always trump religion? Are social ideologies always stronger than religious tradition? After studying the creation of a modern industrial economy in Europe for these five weeks, I am convinced that analyzing the evolution of religious rhetoric in early modern Europe, which is such a transitional phase of history, can illuminate how social, political, economic and cultural change can guide or completely alter the morals and ideologies of a society. Eric Hobsbawm and Keith Wrightson both argue th... ...New Press, 1999. Lynn, Martin. â€Å"British Policy, Trade, and Informal Empire in the Mid-Nineteenth Century.† In The Oxford History of the British Empire, the Nineteenth Century, vol III, edited by Andrew Porter, 101-121. Oxford, New York: Oxford University Press, 1999. More, Thomas. Utopia. Translated by Paul Turner. London: Penguin Books, 2003. O’Brien, Patrick. â€Å"Inseparable Connections: Trade, Economy, Fiscal State, and the Expansion of Empire, 1688-1815.† In The Oxford History of the British Empire, The Eighteenth Century, vol. II, edited by P.J. Marshall, 54-77. Oxford, New York: Oxford University Press, 1998. ____. â€Å"Mercantilism and Imperialism in the Rise and Decline of the Dutch and British Economies 1585-1815.† De Economist 148, no. 4 (2000): 469-501. Wrightson, Keith. Earthly Necessities. New Haven and London: Yale University Press, 2000.

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Holland Enterprises Essay

Holland Enterprises Most recently the firm Holland Enterprises has retained an hr consultant to review analyze and revise the current compensation and benefit structure. We have seen since 2007 a 25% decrease in the workforce due to a lack of the benefits system that is in place. My team is committed to analyze and potentially change the perception that Holland’s benefit system is unfair and uncompetitive in the marketplace. We will find that organizations excel and remain competitive when they have consistent human resource practices that align with the companies organizational goals. Increasing organizational productivity is important to any organization. â€Å"Managers know that simply paying employees more will not result in increased output and improved quality. They frequently find that employees who are overpaid or highly paid relative to others doing comparable work are sometimes less productive than their lower-paid peers or counterparts†¦Organizations realize that if they are to b e more competitive, they must change this â€Å"I’m owed it† mentality to an â€Å"I earned it† mentality. A major opportunity available to organizations to bring about this change in attitude is to reduce the fixed part of compensation packages and increase the variable part. The variable components consist of all short- and long-term incentives and awards. The kind and amount of incentives and awards must be linked directly to desired employee behaviors, contributions, or results achieved. These incentives and awards comprise a pay-for-performance program â€Å"(Henderson, 2006). In other words Holland needs to have a system in place that rewards employees fairly while exciting them to provide the very best customer service to meet the demand of the business. â€Å" Through the use of a fair and stimulating compensation system, Holland Enterprises can motivate their employees to complete their assigned tasks at the standards expected and in return the employee is compensated with a wage/salary, wage/salary add-ons, incentive payments and/or other benefits and services† (Henderson, 2006). In order to promote positive change and make the compensation strategy fair for all the organization must, â€Å"improve cost and quality competitiveness and where information overload is a problem facing all organizations and their employees, information regarding work requirements, performance standards, and organizational recognition and rewards programs must be readily available, complete, and accepted. The compensation system, therefore, must be able to transmit a message that is understood and accepted by all employees that they are valued contributors to organizational success and that the organization is willing to share the revenues from its products in an equitable manner with all members† (Henderson, 2006). In order to create some harmony and renew the faith of the people the company has decided to change the compensation and the benefit structure to become more competitive and become more in line with the companies organizational effectiveness and plan. The new plan should have a more competitive edge, one that will motivate the employees and should be in line with the organizations strategy. Organizational leaders, including those occupying the executive suites and those in charge of human resources and compensation practices, must be able to recognize and integrate the long-term strategic objectives of the organization with its short-term tactical requirements. An understanding of how organizational strategy and its related tactics interact and become integrated is becoming increasingly important to managers at all levels performing various organizational assignments. Compensation takes on many forms in any organization, this may include the obvious pay/wages, health care/insurance other fringe benefits such as paid time off, disability, bonuses and other monetary stipends. Pay may be adjusted based on how hard the employee chooses to work or what type of lifestyle the employee has. â€Å"Proper and acceptable performance of diff erent kinds of jobs requires different kinds and amounts of employee knowledge and skills, which vary significantly among individuals. In the course of their lives, many individuals acquire various kinds and levels of knowledge that organizations value. Additionally, through education, experience, training, and natural predisposition, some individuals are able to demonstrate different and greater skills than others. The worth to the organization of the individually acquired and job-required knowledge and skills is identified through job rates of pay† (Henderson, 2006). In order to construct a new pay structure and benefit system we must first look at the five major components that will factor into our decisions. These components are compensation and benefit philosophy, pay grades, ratio of base pay to incentive pay, external equity and internal equity and other types of benefits such as deferred compensation, health insurance vacation and sick leave. â€Å"There are a number of components that need to be addressed when developing your compensation systems to ensure they align with your organizational strategy and objectives. One key to remember is that your compensation strategy must help to create the work culture you want. How you structure your systems and manage the internal and external equity issues, will directly inform the culture of your organization†¦Ã¢â‚¬ A compensation philosophy is developed to guide the design and complexity of your compensation programs; this is done by identifying your goals and objectives, considering your c ompetitiveness in attracting and retaining employees, your emphasis on internal and/or external equity, and whether performance is tied to increases. Understanding what balance you want to achieve between direct salary and indirect benefit is critical in developing your overall total compensation approach. A consistent philosophy provides a strong foundation for both the organization and the employee. Without a philosophy, leaders often find themselves unsure of what to offer as a starting salary for a new employee. This can lead to offering too high a total compensation package for a new employee in relation to existing employees, or being unable to successfully hire because the total compensation offer is too low to be competitive† (hrcouncil.com). Using the five components will allow Holland to remain competitive within the industry. Pay grades are a fair way to help determine the amount of pay a person will receive. The general characteristics of a pay grade system set forth by the federal government include that there should be 15 pay grades with 10 steps within each grade; there should be a 25 to 30 percent increase from minimum to the maximum pay within each grade (Henderson, 2006). â€Å"When an organization is establishing its wage policy, it must maintain external comp etitiveness. In other words, wages need to be high enough to attract, motivate and retain talent; but, wages shouldn’t be so high that they drive labor costs beyond those of competitors in the product market. Salary surveys help to determine the pay rates of various positions† (erieri.com, 2013). â€Å"Each organization must develop its own pay policy line, which is a trend line or line of best fit that best represents the middle pay value of jobs that have been evaluated or classified to have particular worth. A line of best fit produces a trend line by minimizing the sum of the squares of the vertical deviations around the line. A line of best fit can be a straight or curved line. In either case, it is one that best represents the middle pay value of all jobs or the benchmark jobs used to establish a pay policy line†(Henderson, 2006). The ratio of base pay would be to identify the lowest and highest rate of pay is a basic step in establishing a pay policy line. After identification, the next step is to establish† what management expects to be the average or central tendency value paid to the lowest-rated job and the average pay rate of the highest-rated job. These highest and lowest average values should be the midpoint of the pay for those jobs assigned this rate when a range of pay is available for each category. When only one rate of pay is assigned to a job or group of jobs, normally the average or midpoint value is the single rate. The midpoint value is normally the marke t or going rate† (Henderson, 2006). Internal equity compares different jobs inside a single organization in terms of their â€Å"relative contributions to the organization’s objectives, whereas external equity refers to how an employer positions its pay relative to what competitors are paying. Equity reviews are completed to ensure that salaries for positions are internally consistent and remain externally competitive.External equity reviews are warranted if significant discrepancies exist between a position’s salary and prevailing salaries positions in other companies or institutions within the same geographic area. Difficulties in recruitment and retention support the need for an external equity review. Every effort must be made to ensure that equity exists and the concept of equal pay for equal work is embraced† (Henderson, 2006). Holland Enterprises need to understand that the cost of human capital is high when you are losing staff because of salary issues and benefit problems. And lastly employee benefits are a very important portion of the employee’s tenure with the organization. Most compensation components included within employee benefits are made available through some type of insurance plan. â€Å"An important group of benefit components, ho wever, is frequently noninsurance based and provides income to the employee at some future date. Employee benefits can be further classified under these seven major groups: (1) disability income continuation, (2) loss-of-job income continuation, (3) deferred income, (4) spouse or family income continuation, (5) health and accident protection, (6) property and liability protection, and (7) a special group of benefits and services called perquisites. Each of these groups contains a number of compensation components, which may have a variety of features that may be made available only to certain employees or certain groups of employees† (Henderson, 2006). The organizations that supply the benefits and compensation play a huge role in the success of the business. Security for families is key for any employee and they rely on the specific benefits and compensation that they receive and the employers rely on superior employees that will be attracted to their company. This is the exact reason why Holland should take much care when analyzing the benefits and compensation packages in the future as they must remain competitive if they would like to stay in business. The way to motivate employees is to provide a fair, competitive and secure place to work. This may be attained if Holland Enterprises will be on board with paying the workers the incentives they deserve and in turn will receive the hard work in return and keep Holland Enterprise just as profitable as ever. References Henderson, R. (2006). Compensation management in a knowledge-based world. (10th ed.). Upper Saddle River: Pearson Prentice Hall. ISBN: 0131494791 Retrieved from: http://www.hrcouncil.ca/hr-toolkit/compensation-systems.cfm Retrieved from: Retrieved from:http://www.erieri.com/tutorials/sa/index.html?lesson_2.htm Retrieved from: http://www.stonybrook.edu/hr/employmentservices/classification/equity_review.shtml

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The Impact Of Pre Employment Tests On Children And Public...

The advent of computers resulted in the replacement of paper-and-pencil tests as the primary medium of test delivery, with computerized versions, overseen by a proctor. Technological innovations such as surveillance equipment, and random sampling from large item pools, evolved to aid in minimizing cheating during proctored tests (Gibby et al., 2009; Bartram 2009). The following proliferation of high speed internet into homes and public settings allowed some employers to adopt UIT in order to cut costs of pre-employment test administration while reaching a more diverse pool of applicants. Many selection officials, however, continue to use proctored tests for preliminary screening of applicants. The reasons for some selection officials resistance to adopting UIT has yet to be researched. Perceptions of pre-employment tests Previous research has examined selection officials use and perceptions of various types of pre-employment tests used to measure a variety of constructs. Researchers have also examined factors likely to contribute to selection officials choice to use a particular test. A qualitative study by Kà ¶nig, Jà ¶ri, and Knà ¼sel (2011) served as a basis for examining how selection officials choose pre-employment tests by investigating how Swiss human resource (HR) managers perceived various selection instruments and the constructs on which these instruments were compared. Their results suggest that the constructs used to compare selection instruments vary widelyShow MoreRelatedThe Use of Psychological and Personality Testing1420 Words   |  6 PagesThe use of psychological and personality testing has enjoyed increased popularity among human resource professionals in the past several decades. Due to rapid improvements in the reliability and ease of a dministering such tests, companies and human resource professionals have felt more comfortable in relying upon them and abandoning the ineffective and haphazard methods used for many decades. Historically, many companies relied extensively upon the standard interviewing process for selecting theirRead MoreSchool Psychology as a Career1579 Words   |  7 Pagesother U.S. geographical areas. School psychologists work with public and private schools. They directly assess and counsel students at these schools. School psychologists have consultations with school staff and parents while also conducting behavioral interventions when needed. According to Landrum and Davis (2009) â€Å"they help people within the educational system maintain the intellectual, social, and emotional development of children at the school† ( p.15). They also help create optimal learningRead MoreShould the Government Fund Public Preschools?1739 Words   |  7 Pagescountry of ours, education is not a privilege it is a right. All children are given the opportunity to a free education. An education that should allow them to become high school graduates, 21st Century scholars, and prepare them as leaders to sustain this nation. What happens though when this is not the future for all children? The problem at hand is not all children are receiving the same educational opportunities. Not all children graduate from high school and not all lead successful careers asRead MoreThe Impact Of Poverty On Children s Development And Early Childhood Programs2790 Words   |  12 PagesFlorida AN ANALYSIS OF ARTICLES RELATED TO: The impact of poverty on children’s development and early childhood programs A literature review submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements of the course SPS6805 To Dr. Phil Lazarus by Jessica R. Rothman Fall 2014 The purpose of this literature review was to review articles examining the influence poverty may or may not have on young children. Additionally, after determining risks children living in poverty face, a review of literatureRead MoreEducational Leaders And Public Policymakers4023 Words   |  17 PagesResearch conducted from economist to neuroscientist, educational leaders and public policymakers have confirmed that early education matters. Studies like the High Scope/Perry, Abecedarian and Chicago Child- Parent Centers indicate that children who attended preschool were comparatively ahead in early reading and math skills (Barnett M. N., 2013). Similar studies have also revealed that depending upon various factors; such as preschool quality, social class and race, educational boost can continueRead MoreLack Of Resources And Opportunity Gap1940 Words   |  8 Pagesof resources that students from a high-income household may have (â€Å"Opportunity Gap†). The availability o f resources and opportunity greatly impacts the students’ performance in schools, ability to perform well on standardized tests, and readiness for college. Lack of resources in a home setting can negatively influence student performance in school settings. For instance, issues such as poor nutrition can leave a student malnourished and unprepared to learn during the school day. The schools inRead MoreThe Acquisition Of Language And Speech Development3415 Words   |  14 PagesThe acquisition of language and speech development takes place over a period from birth to around three years of age and in early childhood from the ages of four to six. The development is quick and passes through similar stages in all children not depending on the language that you acquire. The process of language development is therefore universal, namely the development of sounds to words and grammar of the language (Bates and Goodman, 2001). Critical periods of individual development stagesRead MoreA Preliminary Study on Learning Disabilities3617 Words   |  15 PagesPreliminary Study Title: Description of the local problem. (The local problem that prompted the study is clearly defined and is discussed in terms of the local setting and the larger population or education situation): Background and Setting Robinson School in Puerto Rico has established Pathways in order to provide the best possible academic program for students with learning disabilities. The dynamic instruction provided to students with learning disabilities is customized according to eachRead MoreCurriculum Evaluation1985 Words   |  8 Pagesmeeting its goals, that is whether the measures / outcomes for a given set of instructional inputs match the intended or pre-specified outcomes. (Tuckman, 1979) Types of Evaluation 1. Humanistic approach – goal free 2. Scientific approach – purpose driven Objectives of Evaluation 1. Scope – (teaching –program-cost effectiveness) 2. Timing – (formative, summative, impact) 3. Method – ( quantitative, qualitative) 4. Level – (classroom, school, national) 5. Personnel involved – (individualRead MoreAustralia s Economy From An Impoverished And Subsistent Indigenous Economy2180 Words   |  9 Pagesliving in the world. It has vast lands with rich exploitable resources and has a history of close-knit community building, a government with strong institutional rights from the beginning, flourishing businesses and the interactions of the private and public sector. It has not only tackled adversity in the form of economic depressions, inflation, and military conflicts but at the same time has also built prosperity through good economic policies, creation of major infrastructure and leveraging the benefits

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Advantages And Disadvantages Of Social Media - 1292 Words

Abstract: Social media networking has completely transformed the way businesses market and recruits potential employees. Marketing and recruiting was simply done through printing ads in newspapers. Now social media networking is done through â€Å"posting† open discussions on the business website or social media sites. Social media has allowed business to also promote their brand, hire, communicate, and connect with many people and organizations. This paper will help you to understand how businesses incorporate social media as a vital tool when hiring, marketing and connecting with potential employees and organizations. It will also explore some of the advantages and disadvantages of social networking within an organization. In the†¦show more content†¦Trying to find the perfect candidate can be a difficult for organizations due to the amount of competitive tactics business use in today’s market place, such as ads, campaigns, and referrals. This has allowed many businesses to incorporate social media into their marking and recruitment strategies. Social media was originally designed for its consumer’s entertainment, but now it has rapidly grown into a tool for business recruiting and marketing. Social media recruitment allows business to still practice their formal recruit processes but also can implement social networking. Social recruitment has helped many organizations recruit potential employees with social media networks such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Skype, Instagram, Pinterest, etc, which are some of the most commonly used networking site for not only employers but also job seekers. Social Media marketing has become a way to get in more business as well to attract new clients a nd employees. It can also be used to promote an organization’s brand to essentially drive more traffic in. Social Marketing is changing the way people connect and share information. With the rise of the internet, social media has transformed the way organizations recruit, communicate, and connect with its candidates and other businesses. Social Media is growing every day and is becoming more popular in today’s society. Not only can organizations promote job openings through social media, but it can alsoShow MoreRelatedAdvantages And Disadvantages Of Social Media750 Words   |  3 Pages 1 Social Media Somalia Sexton September 30, 2017 HUM/186 Allyson Wells 2 What are the advantages and disadvantages of easily obtainable information? Easily obtainable information is convenient for the most part. It allows you to do a million things at once. It saves you a lot of time while getting things done. If you’re a lazy person when it comes to researching things, easily obtainable information is more convenient for you. Easily finding information on the web requires littleRead MoreAdvantages And Disadvantages Of Social Media1177 Words   |  5 PagesRunning Head: SOCIAL MEDIA 1 SOCIAL MEDIA 5 Social Media Name Institution Date Social Media Advantages and Disadvantages of Easily Obtainable Information In the contemporary world, social networks, and the general internet has an eminent role as sources of wide range information feeding people in different sectors with the type of information they seek spontaneously. Much of easily obtainable informationRead MoreAdvantages And Disadvantages Of Social Media805 Words   |  4 Pages Society relies on information that they obtain from the news, media, social media sites to gather the newest information or current events. As the technology years keep advancing there are newer forms of finding out current events or situations that are occurring around the world. People are now able to get news faster then what they have a century ago. There’s social media sites like Facebook, there are news channel apps that send you alerts on your cellular device when the storyRead MoreAdvantages and Disadvantages of Social Media1025 Words   |  5 PagesAdvantages and Disadvantages of social media Tabitha HUM/186 May 7, 2012 University of Phoenix Advantages and Disadvantages of social media In today’s world, many people depend on the internet for news and entertainment, yet other people worry about how reliable it can really be. Now days you can sign on the internet and find any information that you want, from the weather, to the news, to your favorite video. Many people have started to rely on the internet for research for school, butRead MoreAdvantages And Disadvantages Of Social Media769 Words   |  4 Pages Social Media Paper Joshua Yates HUM/186 10/1/2017 Allyson Wells â€Æ' The Advantages and Disadvantages of Social Media and Obtainable Information Social media has become an integrated part of our culture and a useful communication tool when properly used. Every day people log on to social media sites to get updates on everything from celebrities, family, and friends to top stories and breaking news. We also use social media in our professional lives. Individuals use social media as a cost-effectiveRead MoreAdvantages And Disadvantages Of Social Media1041 Words   |  5 PagesNOT APA FORMATTED NO SOURCES Social Media Paper Jerald Washington University of Phoenix HUM/186 â€Æ' In the modern world, it has become very easy to obtain information from social media, and this happens instantaneously. It is essential to appreciate all advantages and disadvantages before making use of social media. One advantage of easily obtainable information is expediency. It is convenient for people to be in one place and catch the hottest news, listen to the fresh top songs onRead MoreAdvantages And Disadvantages Of Social Media1280 Words   |  6 PagesSocial Media Brenton Adams HUM/186 08/28/2017 Allyson Wells Social Media We have all seen how friends, family, acquaintances and more talk to each other through social media platforms; often with personal disregard and by providing misinformation. Similarly, we have also seen rotating â€Å"news† articles and other tidbits of information being passed around, though how much is accurate? Being able to have information rapidly available can be beneficial, though distinguishing fact from fictionRead MoreAdvantages And Disadvantages Of Social Media1133 Words   |  5 Pagestakes on social media and when that is applied and used in an organization it is called enterprise social media or networking. Using social media has allowed the people of this world to converse with the push of a button over multiple ways. As with face-to-face communication or email, social media providing means for a company as means for a communication can provide barriers. For organizations, social media could provide many profitable advantages as well as consequences with disad vantages. EnterpriseRead MoreAdvantages And Disadvantages Of Social Media1327 Words   |  6 Pagesproblems and threats but, we could avoid or prevent it from happening. Currently, with the high number of emerging Social Media sites like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and a lot more to discover, we are exposed to all possibilities. These Social media platforms bring along with them advantages where we could greatly benefit from it and also disadvantages. Benefits mean Social Media builds a good relationship with its users among other users too whether it s your long lost friend or mutual friendsRead MoreAdvantages And Disadvantages Of Social Media857 Words   |  4 Pages Social Media Alex Mitchell HUM/186 Allyson Wells October 1,2017 Social Media Social media has changed the world that we live in. With so many people using it for everything from personal use to professional use, it is one of the main ways that we communicate. Social media is not used just for keeping up with family and friends anymore. Nowadays, companies also use social media to help them spread the word of their company. With so much information on social media sites, it

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Natural Law And The Preservation Of Human Life - 1301 Words

Natural law and the Preservation of Human Life Donald J. Moore Webster University September 18, 2016 Natural Law and the Preservation of Human Life In order to address the scenarios in this assignment, one must define the when life begins. According to Thomas Aquinas God created the universe and all plants, animals and life of all types under the doctrine of External Law. Based on his vision, God instilled Natural Law in law to fulfill the parameters of External Law. Self-preservation is not only a function of protecting one’s self being, but also by ensuring the species survives. This is accomplished through the second inclination of procreation. Aquinas’ teachings proclaim that God created the universe and by doing so, created all life. So logic must dictate that life begins at conception and that the developing fetus has already been instilled with Natural Law. A young woman who is four months pregnant has recently discovered that she has tuberculosis. The doctor informs her that she must take a drug that will cure her disease, but that the drug will also have the effect of aborting the fetus. There is no other available drug that will cure her disease, and if she does not take the drug immediately she will die. According to natural law, may the young woman take the drug? Both the mother and the fetus are innocent human lives. Even though the fetus may not be capable of understanding, it is still a life and is dependent upon the mother for life. However, the fetusShow MoreRelatedEssay about Comparing Hobbes and Lockes Versions of the Social Contract1349 Words   |  6 PagesLeviathan, claims that peace and unity can best be achieved by setting up a society by having humans agree to a covenant (Hobbes: Ch.18 pg.548). A sovereign who is in charge of protecting the society or state rules Hobbes’s society. In his introduction, Hobbes de scribes this commonwealth as an artificial person and as a body politic that mimics the human body. Hobbes portrays the state as a gigantic human form built out of the bodies of its members, the sovereign as its head (Hobbes: IntroductionRead MoreThe Rousseau s Theory Of Human Nature1518 Words   |  7 Pagespeople do not form, pity and self-preservation would secure order in humanity, then Mill’s concern on the principal of liberty would also be successfully achieved. However, due to the inevitable rise of civil society, Rousseau’s theory of human nature is corrupted and I believe that from this, it would be necessary to then need a governmental structure that ensures order is provided. With this need of a governmental structure, I believe that in order to ensure humans do not harm others, Mill’s theoryRead MoreHobbes And The State Of Nature1549 Words   |  7 PagesEnglish philosopher outlines in his book Leviathan (1651) that the state of nature is a state of â€Å"warre, as if of every man, against every man†. Hobbes sets out his moral philosophy with regard to human nature; the way humans behave amongst each other and the state of nature; the natural condition of human interaction as a proceed of nature. Hobbes uses the state of nature as a mechanism for demonstrating the preconditions of a political society. By highlighting the pre-political condition as an unendurableRead MoreThomas Hobbes Leviathan801 Words   |  4 Pagesstory that examines human nature. Hobbes’ introduces Leviathan during a chaotic period filled with death and a voyage of human expansion, which leads to the creation of a logical and sustainable society. This society is the commonwealth and led by a sovereign. Upon first analysis, Hobbes’ explanation of the alteration to the commonwealth is questionable. Some weaknesses in Hobbes’ Leviathan can be easily found: the inconsistency of natural law with suicide and that of civil law to h onor. Hobbes addressesRead MoreCapital Punishment : Light Of The Natural Law898 Words   |  4 PagesPunishment in Light of the Natural Law The practice of the death penalty and capital punishment is a contemporary political issue that is widely debated throughout the United States. It is my opinion that capital punishment should either be discontinued or only reserved for the rarest of the rare case. In this essay, I will attempt to resolve the issue of whether the United States should continue or discontinue the practice of capital punishment by using the natural law theory set forth by SaintRead MoreSimilarities Between Locke And Rousseau1369 Words   |  6 Pagesthe natural laws inherent in mankind. The state of nature can be characterized as the state before civil society, before government where all men agreed to enter into a social contract. Locke and Rousseau both believed that men were not savages as some might believe. The state of nature was in some cases even better than what we have become today. In fact, both Locke and Rousseau believed that in the state of nature all men had natural rights and followed natural God given or inherent laws thatRead MorePolitical Theory of John Locke Essay1189 Words   |  5 Pageswithout John Locke our government would only be a shadow of what it is today. Arguably, one of his most important political and philosophical works was his Two Treatises of Government. There he argues that the function of the state is to protect the natural rights of its citizens, primarily to protect the right to property. John Locke, in many eyes, can be viewed as one of the father’s of Democracy. He embraced many of ideas in his theories on the st ate of nature and the rise of political society todayRead MoreRousseau s Discourse On The Origin And Foundations Of Inequality1580 Words   |  7 Pagesterms of law and social order, by claiming that presocial individuals were happier, equal, and naturally good in contrast to civil or societal humans. A central aspect of their happiness relies on the presocial human’s lack of unnecessary desires. Although Rousseau’s theory can in large ways be applied and seen in today’s society, it does not acknowledge the positive and crucial things provided by society that can engender happiness and do not exist in the environment of natural humans. RousseauRead MoreEssay about Phi-286 Mod 3 Wa 1827 Words   |  4 Pagesstill, Hobbes is credited with the notion of a persons natural rights. Hobbes theory depicts the right of self-preservation, by stating a person may do whatever needs to be done to save their life and to procure the means to live (Newton, 2004). Hobbes rather straightforward approach suggests that every man is an enemy of every man (Newton, 2004) and the worst that can happen to anyone is a violent death at the hands of others. Citing natural rights, Hobbes therefore indicates we have the right toRead MoreAnalysis Of Thomas Hobbes s Leviathan 1622 Words   |  7 PagesIt could be argued that Thomas Hobbes’s claim in Leviathan that a person has no right to challenge his sovereign’s law or decision is flawed because such judgements should serve public good. Since the sovereign power’s authority to make laws or decisions has its source in its subjects, these judgements should reflect what sub jects think to be good or evil, instead of prescribing how people should think. However, this argument does not take into account that although there are cases where people can

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Frees Tuesdays With Morrie Tuesdays With M Essay Example For Students

Frees Tuesdays With Morrie Tuesdays With M Essay orrie Essays When my parents first told me that it would be a good idea for me to read Tuesdays With Morrie, my perception of the memoir was that it was an account of an old man dying. This did not seem, to me, to be the most interesting topic to read about. I reluctantly began the book and soon became quite involved with the novels insightful progression. I initially thought I would construct a typical review of the novel and hand it in for a good grade. I then asked myself if I would learn anything by writing a summary. Two answers became evident. The first was that, of course, I would learn how to write yet another book report. The second was that I would not benefit at all from simply summarizing the memoir. I came to the conclusion that by focusing my paper on that which Morrie so eloquently taught the reader, both me and my teacher would gain insight and understanding about living life to its fullest. Morries message was, in short, not to become preoccupied with death and dying, but to live the life that you still have left in a meaningful and rewarding way. He believed that although death would soon take him, he wanted to teach others and share his ideas so that they could be passed on to future generations. Mitch Albom is an alumnus of Brandeis University, where Morrie Schwartz taught for many years. Morrie left a lasting impression on Mitch and that impression is what eventually motivated Mitch to return to his wise professor. Mitch rediscovered Morrie in the last months of the older mans life. Knowing he was dying, Morrie visited with Mitch every Tuesday in his study, just as they had done in college days. Morrie taught Mitch his final lesson: how to live. Morrie and Mitchs relationship went far beyond that of a teacher and student. It turned into a friendship between two men. Morrie taught Mitch innumerable lessons about the world, feeling sorry for oneself, regrets, death, family, emotions, fear of aging, money, how love goes on, marriage, culture, forgiveness, and saying good-bye. Morrie never wanted sympathy from Mitch; only an open mind and heart. Morrie discussed his philosophies on life with Mitch and encouraged him to do the same. Morrie shared his strengths and his weaknesses with his student, allowing him to open up to his old professor in a way that would help him to recharge his existing life. Mitchs life was greatly impacted by the wisdom that Morrie shared with him. As a result, he knew where his life was headed and he said good-bye to his old friend believing that the future held great opportunities for a meaningful life. The last class of my old professors life took place once a week, in his home, by a window in his study where he could watch a small hibiscus plant shed its pink flowers. The class met on Tuesdays. No books were required. The subject was the meaning of life. It was taught from experience. Morrie Schwartz saw life as a reason to learn, to teach, and to experience. He reveled in the excitement of being able to share his ideas with someone. He did not think of death as an end, as a final farewell. He viewed the end of his life as a new beginning and an opportunity for reflection. The last line of this memoir reads the teaching goes on. Morrie wanted people to continue learning from him even after he was gone. After reading this account I can truly say that Morries dream was accomplished. Morries lessons were not only aimed at his student; they were aimed at a broad spectrum of people. Morrie was able to speak to the masses as easily as he was able to speak to one person. This novel touches each person who reads it in a new and interesting way. At times I felt as though it was I sitting in Morries messy study, intently listening to his every word, learning from his every move. As I look back on my remarks, I realize that my parents .

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WordPress Maintenance Mode Tutorial - With Elementor and Zelle

Editors note. WordPress maintenance mode is a very useful feature you can set up in some circumstances. Particularly, you can benefit from it greatly whenever you want to perform administrative tasks on your website, and you dont want your visitors to see any error pages in the meantime.We wrote about an easy way of enabling WordPress maintenance mode in the past, but now theres a completely new possibility of getting a cool maintenance mode page without the need for a custom-built plugin.Instead, you can use your favorite page builder plugin and your Zelle theme to handle the task. Today, we have Ben Pines explaining all the whys and hows of making that happen. Enter Ben: Zelle Lite theme, for example, and still be able to customize your under construction page nicely.One of the pre-designed templates for your  WordPress maintenance mode in ElementorWhy even use WordPress maintenance mode?Every time you had worked on your site, you might have just shown your visitors your buggy un der-construction site. This isnt the most optimized solution. Your visitors really dont need to see whats going on behind the curtains. WordPress maintenance mode can help you with that. There are two main reasons you need to ALWAYS use maintenance mode before making significant changes to your site:The first reason regards  your visitors. Even if you get only a small amount of traffic to your site, it can still affect your business. Showing those visitors an error page, or an error-ridden site, can give them the wrong impression about your business.The second reason why setting WordPress maintenance mode is important are search engines. If you are in the process of fixing your site, you might accidentally  cause it to be down.  Search engines might still try to scan your site. When they do, they can get the wrong impression the site is down, and not because of maintenance reasons. This can cause Google, or any other search engine, to decide to demote your website on search te rms. This demotion can thus hurt the amount of traffic you get from those searches.Situations that require setting site in maintenanceThere are several situations that would require you to set maintenance mode:1. Updating your theme, child theme or plugin.  If there is a major plugin or theme update that you need, it is recommended to first set WordPress maintenance mode in action. Even performing a small task, like adding a snippet of code for a search bar, you should make sure your visitors see the under construction page instead of a possible error message.Adding a new theme forces you to do at least some customizations: setting the widgets area, creating menus and so on. Setting the maintenance mode will give you the time you need to customize the site for your color, typography, style and other settings.2. Fixing a bug, or updating a feature in your site.Lets say you need to update your site and make it mobile friendly. To make sure the visitors user experience isnt jeopardiz ed while the update is being performed, it is advised to switch to WordPress maintenance mode. Making these changes will influence how different pages and posts are seen each time the visitor loads them, so setting maintenance mode will make sure the user experience stays consistent and friendly.3. Launching a new site. Even though this is a one-time occurrence, the duration of time it takes to launch a site is the most significant one. Launching can sometimes go on for weeks and even months. Setting the coming soon page will make sure your visitors know when you will finally launch.These visitors may possibly subscribe to get notified about the launch. Incorporating your subscription form or possibly your social media links, will make sure you start gathering an audience, even though the site has not yet launched.How to go on maintenance mode?Lets say you are working on implementing a child theme for Zelle Pro, and need to do some modifications of content and design. Using Elemento rs built-in maintenance mode will allow you to customize the Zelle child theme, while displaying a full maintenance mode page without a header or footer.Because you are working on the whole theme and making modifications to the entire page, you want the maintenance mode page to be full page and not include the header and footer, so your visitors wont see the modifications you do in these areas, like changing the menu items.Here are all the steps needed to set up WordPress maintenance mode with Elementor:Step 1 Create the Under Construction templateFirst, we head over to the template library, and create a new template called Under Construction. Next, we edit the template in Elementor, and use one of the pre-designed templates to create the template. Then, we save the template and return to the Elementor tools.Step 2 Setting The maintenance mode pageNow, in Elementor Tools, we choose the maintenance option, as well as the under construction template we created earlier.If we go to i ncognito and reload the website, we will see the template we have created. If we reload the website as logged in Admins, we see the Zelle homepage and can go ahead and perform the maintenance we set out to do.Notice that the same procedure can be used to create a coming soon page. Instead of choosing maintenance, you would need to choose Coming Soon in the mode option. The difference between these two conditions, apart from the templates you customize, is that while Maintenance sends search engines an HTTP 503 response, letting them know the site is temporarily unavailable, Coming Soon sends them HTTP 200 response, meaning the site is up and running, ready to be indexed.Who gets to see the maintenance mode page?Everyone whos not a logged-in admin.If you are running a site that has multiple users, you might decide to allow more than administrators to see the site in development and not the maintenance mode page. For this purpose, Elementors maintenance mode feature has the ability to control who has access under coming soon and maintenance mode.With this feature, you can decide to give access to any role you set up in WordPress, including:  administrators, editors, authors and so on. If you are running a beta test for your new website, for instance, you will be able to use this feature to grant access to the right roles.ConclusionAs weve seen, its very easy to setup an under construction or coming soon page in Zelle using Elementors Maintenance Mode feature.If you are a site owner, web designer or developer, always remember to set a maintenance mode page to prevent your visitors from seeing your site during maintenance or development. If youre already a user of Elementor (and there are lots of reasons to be one), theres no need to download additional plugins to set up a page like that. #WordPress #maintenance mode #tutorial - with @elemntor and Zelle