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The Relationships Between Quaker, The Company, And Semiotics :: essays research papers

The Relationships Between Quaker, The Company, and Semiotics For my introduction I have taken a gander at one of Peterborough's most seasoned and greatest maker, The Quaker organization. All the more explicitly the outside and within the structure. As I was driving towards the structure I thought, what was so noteworthy about the Quaker building and how could an image of a Quaker be so noteworthy in the present culture. I additionally imagined that this entire picture of Quaker couldn't be that staggering, notwithstanding, with incredible humiliation I was totally mixed up. This one business and all the more explicitly fabricating has so many meant implications and semantic implications that I didn't no where to begin from. At the point when I remained at the foot of the slope of the Quaker building I was overpowered by its colossal size and how it sits on a slope sitting above the north finish of downtown Peterborough. I began to feel this is the signifier, it's enormous what's more, it's on a slope. Presently in the event that you consider this for brief you start to understand that essentially the size and position of this structure has numerous implications, which are obviously subliminally. The Quaker building has numerous implications and along these lines the connoted list is very long, however first we will take a gander at the signifier. The sign is the word Quaker, straightforward, and the signifier is Q-u-a-k-e-r. Anyway the word Quaker is not only a word, it implies many, numerous things, which is the place the meant comes in. The real structure is tremendous, which gave me the inclination that they are a fruitful organization and that their item should be everywhere throughout the world. The building is additionally white block. This, without realizing it gives you an inclination of wellbeing and purity(just as their items ought to be). At that point there is the reality that it is arranged on the highest point of a slope, when you put importance to this, there is the sentiment of enormity and control. As I would like to think these implications or implied's work like a channel, they all from the start have nothing to do with each other, however when you set up them they all channel into a certain something, a promoting ploy to purchase their item. My point is, that they new precisely where to place theirbuilding and what shading to paint it for the sole reason for selling their items. They new what implications individuals would pull from these signs and signifiers. When taking a gander at the word Quaker you get a sentiment of solace. It gives an impression of returning to past occasions where ethics and family esteems were at

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Michelangelo free essay sample

An investigation of the humanistic side of Michelangelos workmanship. A paper which presents and examines how Michelangelo takes the humanistic and common magnificence from the Greeks concerning flawless physical people and bareness and changes his work for the Christian time. A concise outline of Michelangelos youth is additionally included. Reliably, his work started to show an ever increasing number of impacts from progressively old works. While he was regularly scorned in light of the fact that he was not following current patterns, he persevered in his own perspectives. He retained certain exemplary stances, and utilized them for the vast majority of his works. The David is a case of one of his works that utilizes an exemplary posture to cause it to appear to be increasingly solid and incredible. He not, at this point thought about crafted by craftsmanship as an impersonation of noticeable reality, nor as the picture of a fantasy world, nor as a methods for showing up at information on the universe, yet as an epitome of the very pith of human life and fate. We will compose a custom article test on Michelangelo or on the other hand any comparative subject explicitly for you Don't WasteYour Time Recruit WRITER Just 13.90/page In this vision of the vast law of life in man, he relates himself to the knowledge of antiquated Italy (De Tolnay 64).

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Fine Writing Tips

Fine Writing TipsWhat makes a good fine writing paper? This is a question that many students ask as they begin to contemplate the decision to attend university to study writing. If you have already enrolled in this program, you may be wondering if you are getting the best value for your money. If you need a few pointers about what makes a quality fine writing paper, then read on.The first and most important thing you should focus on is quality: this is what it is all about when it comes to your writing. A quality writing paper is one that is not only appealing to the reader, but that is also easy to understand. These papers can be very technical, and this should be one of the major goals of any teacher. In fact, if you want to make your future writing plans worthwhile, you will want to improve your knowledge of the English language.As you start working on your paper, you will notice that the beginning will be more important than the end. This is because students need to feel that the ir classmates care about them as individuals and that the writing projects that they will be performing will benefit them. Therefore, you should begin your assignment with a sentence or two that touches on who you are, as well as briefly explaining why the writing project will benefit them.One of the keys to understanding the intent of the audience is, how much information you include in your paragraph. Students tend to get very lost when they read long, drawn out sentences. This is something that your school will probably discuss with you when you come for your first writing session.The main point of your essay should be to grab the attention of the reader. When you finish your piece, just ask yourself, 'Did I get the right people? If not, then change your wording.' Do not let the size of your audience's monitor give you any indication that you did not provide them with enough information.By incorporating some sort of organization into your writing, you can ensure that you do not f orget to include important details about the topic at hand. For example, if you are writing an essay about web design, you may want to organize your thoughts by referring to specific types of tools. Make sure that you write down all of the tools that you have used.Once you are finished, you will likely want to save your paper and read it over a couple of times to make sure that everything is okay. Any issues with spelling or grammar can be discovered from a reading of your paper. Then, go back over your ideas with your classmates, either to correct them, or to make sure that you are agreeing on the quality of your writing.Of course, your classmates may not agree with every single part of your writing, but this will help you become a better writer. Your goal is to create a writing experience that will benefit your classmates as well as you. In the end, the feedback you receive from each of your classmates will help you identify what works and what does not.

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Cultural Encounters Cultural Encounter, Anthropology And...

Culture encounters â€Å"Art simply consists of Different points of view† Cultural Encounters focuses on the study of cultural identities interpreting human social costumes, religious practices and symbolic objects of arts such as, statues, masks and bronze plaques as essential part of the human cultural identity. {1}Ethnography is a method of Anthropology which is â€Å"a branch of natural sciences concerned with the study of mankind through a close analysis of human society and through comparison between cultures over time†. cultural encounters can take the shape of clashes or at least opposition between groups in one society, but it have often taken the form of war or conquest and submission as the British conquest of Benin (1897) or as diplomacy and trade, organized exchange of ideas, politics, goods and commodities i.e. the Portuguese trade agreement with Benin in the fifteenth century. the relationship between cultural encounter, Anthropology and art, explores not only how art cont ributed in encounters between Africa and Europe, but more how the study of encounters brings into question the vary in the use and category of art between two different cultures such as, Benin vs. Portuguese then Benin against European. Benin, a kingdom in west Africa which was home to a simple and unique tradition of sculpture, the materials used in Benin’s arts - primarily ivory, brass and coral. Ivory is associated mainly with figures of the Oba because the material is so hard and whiteShow MoreRelated Benin Art in Museums and Galleries Essay1408 Words   |  6 PagesThe display of Benin art in museum and galleries reflect the attitudes and perceptions of Europeans towards non-western artefacts, especially African. Thus as European attitudes change towards non-western art since the discovery of Benin art in 1897, Benin art has been revaluated and re-categorised. Initially there was a great deal of debate about Benin art and its display, as it did not equate with the perceptions then held about Africa. Until the British conquest of Benin in 1897, little wasRead More The Concept of Encounter of Cultures in the Philosophy of History4644 Words   |  19 PagesThe Concept of Encounter of Cultures in the Philosophy of History ABSTRACT: A general problem of philosophical interests concerns the possibility of objective knowledge of other cultures and a past culture, as well as the adequacy of their reconstruction. The problem of cultural development is also crucial. By the criterion I develop, a culture which has expanded its potentialities in various independent forms is an open culture able to enter into dialogue with any other culture. 1. To beginRead MoreThe Analysis Of Mythology Of The Environment And The Unconscious Mind978 Words   |  4 Pagesestablishes a commonality among humanity, as well as the analyzation of various cultural perspectives and values around the world. Thus forth we see the origins of mythology diversely interpreted and analyzed by the context of culture. Myths â€Å"symbolize† and â€Å"embody† human experience in relation to a cultures beliefs and values (Rosenberg, 1999). Despite the various roots in which a myth may originate and or the level of cultural recognition, it is evident myths exist in all societies. Myths allow humanityRead MoreEating Christmas in the Kalahari906 Words   |  4 PagesThe sources of cultural misunderstanding made by the anthropologists in the readings from Spradley and McCurdy are affected by many factors including naive realism, culture shock and fully understanding what is culturally and ethically appropriate. Naive realism is the belief that people see the world in the same way, and culture shock is a condition of confusion and feelings of loneliness and anxiety experienced by someone suddenly entering a new culture. Eating Christmas in the KalahariRead MoreNonverbal Communication And Its Effects On The Understanding Of Individual Cultures1339 Words   |  6 Pagesthe general response. 2. Art Art can be defined as the production, expression, or elaboration of an act, such as dance, or a thing, such as a shield or house, beyond the strict utilitarian demands. (Heider, 2007, p 441). Art provides an array of information, not only about the creator but also the culture from which the artist comes from. As the text states, art has various meanings, however, the most significant element of art is that it symbolizes a distinct cultural identity.(Heider, 2007, pRead MoreReflection Paper : Multicultural Counseling And Psychology1256 Words   |  6 PagesGetting my new text and being filled with curiosity is always a great feeling prior to starting a class; Cultural Anthropology, such a foreign topic, so I thought. Once I began to read the first few chapters of the book I began to recognize words and details that I have previously been introduced too. Thinking back to when and what classes I have had the same experience, I recall Multicultural Counseling and Psychology. Stepping out my comfort zone is what really came to mind. Growing up inRead MoreReligion Is A Complex And Beautiful System1222 Words   |  5 PagesReligion Religion is a system that many people have come to know as one of worship and faith. As college students, religion is a topic that many of us wonder about, question, and encounter throughout our daily lives. One thing is certain when it comes to religion, there is no ignoring the important role it plays on many individuals lives, communities, nations, and basically in all corners of the world. Each human experiences religion in different ways; it is amazing to be able to observe the varietyRead MoreCultural Anthropology : Human Nature1241 Words   |  5 PagesCultural Anthropology Assignment 2 Julie Kopp (100121035) July 28, 2015 Cultural Anthropologists view all aspects of human nature in order to generate an accurate representation of society. It is imperative that anthropologists engage themselves in fieldwork in pursuance to increase understanding among people of the world. Anthropologists found that by becoming an active participant rather than an observer, they are more likely to be accepted as a member. By becoming an insider, it allows theRead MoreEssay about The Benin Bronzes1663 Words   |  7 PagesThis essay deals with the nature of a cross cultural encounter between the Benin people and Portuguese traders in the 15th and 16th centuries, which resulted in the depiction of Portuguese figures in Benin brass plaques. It will propose that this contact between people with different cultures was on the basis of mutual regard (Woods, K. 2008, p. 16), and although the Portuguese had qualms about idolatry in Benin it will show that assumptions by Europeans up to the 20th century of the primitiveRead More The Pros and Cons of the Neolithic Revolution Essay933 Words   |  4 Pagesenlarged population. Inovations in Art, Technology and Culture In the Neolithic, the importance of cultural adaptation and the development of conceptual thought can be seen in symbolic artifacts and signs of ritual activity throughout the world. (Haviland et al 2011: 241) Trade increased and many settlements became wealthy. These wealthy communities could support some people as artists and priests. Catal Hyuk is an example of astounding neolithic art, much of which adorns religion shrines

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Accounting Techniques For The Manufacturing Process Essay

Question 1: A. Manufacturing costing systems refer to the accounting techniques used to recognise and record the inputs and outputs values in the manufacturing process (K. Langfield-Smith, Thorne, Hilton, 2009). Job-order costing is about to obtain all costs involved in the basis of individual products. It needs to obtain the exact costs involved in the manufacturing process of a particular unit. This needs to obtain costs incurred for every unit such as materials costs, labour, and manufacturing overhead. Process costing refers to a manufacturing costing system that measure and record the net costs involved in a production process in terms of recording and adding up all direct costs and assigning indirect costs of the production process (K. Langfield-Smith, Thorne, Hilton, 2012). As majority of production processes include more than one step, similar measurements are made for each step in order to get the average unit cost for the overall manufacturing system (K. Langfield-Smith et al., 2009). It needs to obtain direct costs of a manufacturing system such as costs of materials. It also needs to obtain indirect costs that are not directly accountable to the production such as labour and directors salary. Activity-based costing refers to a costing system that initially identifies activities and assigns costs incurred in a single manufacturing task (Gunasekaran A, Marri, H. B, Yusuf, Y.Y, 1999). This, therefore, allocates costs and overheads to items thatShow MoreRelatedIssues of Managerial Accounting1047 Words   |  5 PagesINTRODUCTION : Managerial accounting is concerned with providing information to managers – that is , people inside an organization who direct or control it’s operations. Via managerial accounting managers understood that good business results come from dynamic processes , procedures and practices that are well designed and properly implemented and managed. Certified management accountants are qualified to help their fellow managers achieve good business results because they have earned an advancedRead MoreManagement Accounting : Planning And Performance Management Systems1625 Words   |  7 PagesManagement accounting is described as â€Å"a profession that involves partnering in management decision making, devising planning and performance management systems, and providing expertise in financial reporting and control to assist management in the formulation and implementation of an organisations strategy† (Blocher, et al., 2009). Many Changes in the business environment have o ccurred in recent years which have caused substantial adjustments in cost management practices leading to a contemporaryRead More JIT Manufacturing and Inventory Control System Essay539 Words   |  3 PagesJIT Manufacturing and Inventory Control System Since the dawn of human existence evolution in all sectors of society has occurred due to Economic factors. This has mainly happened due to the fact that all technological achievements have occurred in favor of money. Specifically we can admit that Economy is the main reason for growth and development. By these means it is in our interest to establish strong economies either as societiesRead MoreToyotas Production System ( Tps )1630 Words   |  7 Pagesimprove the rules to achieve highest productivity. Just In Time means to produce necessary units in the necessary quantities at the necessary time. Jidoka means automation with a human touch (Toyota Australia n.d.). Toyota Australia utilises its manufacturing plant in Althona, Victoria to produce cars in five departments. Firstly, powertrain department produces engine components. Once the engine is finished, it is sent directly to assembly department. Secondly, Press plant manufactures steel panelsRead MoreRelationship Between Accounting Technique And Operation Management Tools925 Words   |  4 Pagesimplement in small and medium enterprises(SME). While, the company cannot obtain the competitive advantage with only cost consideration. Besides the simple cost reduction technique, target costing also should be identified as the integrated strategic profit operation system which is applied with other management techniques. In order to explore the overall effect, a test using value engineering(VE) and quality function development(QFD) analysis was conducted in the small manufactory company. WithRead MoreCost Control: The Definition of Standard Cost Essay1609 Words   |  7 Pagesselected period of time and for prescribed set of working conditions. In other words, a standard cost is a planned cost for a unit of product or service rendered. (Langfield- Smith, 2009) The technique of using standard cost for the purposes of cost control is known as standard costing. It is a system of cost accounting which is designed to find out how much should be the cost of a product under the existing conditions. The actual cost can be ascertained only when production is undertaken. The predeterminedRead MoreActivity Based Costing1107 Words   |  5 Pagesmethod in 1988. It was felt that there was a need for more accurate and up-to-date information and a more proactive approach to planning and managing the costs. ABC is a process to identify the costs of all activities and allocating, applying, assigning or tracing costs to products. Activity based costing is a costing technique, tool, system, mechanism or approach. It may be used in addition to the current traditional system or used in place of it. This will enable the new system to be applied consistentlyRead MoreToyota s Performance Using Evaluation And Control Techniques1309 Words   |  6 PagesIntroduc tion. Toyota, one of the biggest car makers in the world, is famous for its effective manufacturing and costing systems which have served as role models for many companies on an international scale. One of its most popular manufacturing and costing systems is the Toyota Production System (TPS), launched in the 1980s. Toyota Production System (TPS) is based on a form of lean manufacturing and accounting, first developed and used by Ford Motor Company in the 1920s (Iuga and Kifor, 2013). In thisRead MoreBUS 630 Final Paper1617 Words   |  7 PagesDecision Making with Managerial Accounting Managerial accounting is essential for decision making. Making the best choice depends on the managers goals, the anticipated results from each alternative, and the information available when the decision is made (Schneider, 2012). The different techniques associated with managerial accounting are very helpful in the decisions that need to be made. In order to truly understand decision making with managerial accounting one must first discern exactly whatRead MoreLean Manufacturing Is The Pursuit And Elimination Of Waste1339 Words   |  6 Pagesâ€Å"Lean manufacturing is the pursuit and elimination of waste that simultaneously embodies respect for people† (Hansen and Mowen 6). Key purposes of lean manufacturing are to eliminate waste, reduce costs, and to maximize customer value. As companies try to cut down on the amount of waste they produce, their goal is to maximize their efficiency and cut the costs that are incurred. Lean manufacturing is described as, â€Å"deliver ing the right product, in the right quantity, with the right quality, at the

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Life Is The Riskiest Period For The Neonates Essay

The first week of life is the riskiest period for the neonates. We have found that individual, maternal, intrapartum, household and socioeconomic factors simultaneously influence neonatal mortality. A higher risk of neonatal deaths have been observed among males, multiple gestations, lower gestational age, first born child, higher maternal age, with a history of antenatal or delivery complications, low education level of the mother and poorest household wealth quintile. We have reconfirmed the significance of these known risk factors for neonatal mortality. Among the children who died in the neonatal period, the first day of life was the date of death for nearly one-third of the newborns, more than half of them died within the first two days, and more than three-fourths of the newborns died before completing the first week. First 24 hour period of life is the riskiest period for the neonates of most developing countries and the most critical period for the planning of any child survival program20. Nearly one-fifth of the babies were preterm, similar to a finding of another study from the same site 21. Preterm babies had a higher risk of neonatal mortality; preterm babies could be the proxy for low birth weight (LBW) babies, which predisposes them to have an increased risk of infections, hypoglycemia, and hypothermia 22. Globally, prematurity is one of the leading causes of neonatal deaths 23, 24. Prevention and management of prematurity are crucial to reducing

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Reflection as a Project Manage for Gibbs Reflective- MyAssignmenthelp

Question: Discuss about theReflection as a Project Manage for Gibbs Reflective. Answer: Gibbs reflective cycle usually consists of six important steps. The first step is called the description phase. In this phase, the main incident is described. It was seen that although huge number of training programs were conducted, however the nurses were not being able to provide the best care to the patients (Nicoloni et al., 2014). When one individual nurse maintained proper hygiene with the maintenance of skin care of the face, she failed in the task of proper choosing of the masks. The other nurse had an exactly opposite issue. The other issue faced by another nurse is with the proper technique of dressing. It was very difficult to understand that in spite of an arrangement of training issues, the problem could not be solved entirely. The second step is mainly the description of the feeling that the individual developed after the incidence (Boroughs, 2017). In spite of trying very hard to reach the main reason, I completely failed and could not understand where the main issue lay within the nurses. Moreover, I also felt disappointed as such a planned project was not bringing sufficient results. The third step was evaluation phase. After the experience, I understood that the project I had planned was lacking some important aspects which I was not being able to understand. I realized that the practice of the nurses needs to develop in order to attain the best care. I also evaluated that I was missing out on an important aspect which needs to be incorporated to make the project successful. Analysis part is the fourth step. In this step, while analyzing the issue I understood that although I had implemented a training program but I never inquired the individual issues faced by a particular nurse. The training program only provided a lecture for the nurses but failed to conduct practical training sessions under experienced nurses who would guide them in practical in the real situation. Practical sessions have important contributions in the development of the working styles as well as the skills and knowledge about the different procedures that the nurse should follow. Although lecture classes gives an entire detailed idea about how to develop skills in order to mitigate the issues faced during handling of the pressure but it can never ascertain the difficulty level that may be faced by nurses. It is only during the practical sessions, that the nurse can realize their own weak points and try to recover them with development of effective skills. As I had not included the p art, the nurse did not realize their weaknesses. Therefore when they attended the real situation, they started facing issues of various kinds and therefore in spite of so many initiatives the project could not achieve full success. Moreover, I also understood that my project should have included a proper evaluation program for the first there months after implementation in order to understand the main issues faced by nurses. Implementation plan should always be followed by a proper evaluation plan that should have a definite framework. A proper committee should always be established who have the expertise to understand the negative aspects that are resulting from the implementation strategies that have been produced. Each and every member of the evaluation board should be inspecting each of the aims and objectives that have been prepared at the beginning of the project. A consort or a checklist should be maintained for each of the healthcare professionals so that the experts can und erstand that whether each working individual are successful in completing the goals of the project. If the evaluation board would have been established, the different negative effects would have been easily identified by the experts at the implementation level only. Immediately corrections would have been done in the activities of the nurse which would have helped in achieving the result much more quickly than it took place after several issues were identified when nurses hit the work floor after training. The next step is the conclusion part. After analyzing the main issue, I reached a conclusion that I have not properly been able to include all the important aspects that were necessary for the project (Crimi et al., 2016). I should have inquired the nurses about the different issues they face in the respiratory ward and then plan the interventions accordingly. Moreover, the training class that has been conducted was devoid of practical sessions and did not cover the any evaluation of the nurses performance. Therefore all the attributes should be included in order to make the project successful. This showed me that I still lack certain skills in effective planning of a project. While planning a project, I fail to assimilate the correct methods of evaluation that is a must to ensure whether the implementation strategies are successful or not. Hence, it can be concluded, that of proper practical classes were conducted for the nurses and if proper evaluation of the strategies implemented would have considered, the project would have been much more successful without having any negative aspects. The last and final step is the step where the action plan is prepared, so that the issue which was not solved can be handled in a better way. The first plan that should be prepared is to inquire the different nurses with a proper survey in order to recognize the lack of skill and ability of the nurse rather than planning a common training for all. According to that, they should be allocated to specific teams of senior nurses to work under their guidance (Olivieri et al., 2015). Secondly, I should also establish a monitoring body that will evaluate the performance and report accordingly for modification. Proper practical sessions would be conducted in order to make the nurses develop their skill which they lack and make them practice time and gain so that they never become responsible for the death of any patient. The monitoring body will be composed of eminent professionals who are well equipped with the systems and the process and have strict monitoring over every aspects of the pro ject. They will monitor the performances and jot down both the negative as well as the positive aspects of the nurses and other staffs. I will arrange for an open discussion sessions, where both the positive as well as the negative aspects will be discussed for improvement as well as to gain confidence by everyone. I have failed to provide a proper implementation plan by incorporating all the team members. Although I included the nursing leader, project heads and the senior nurses, I failed to incorporate the registered as well as enrolled nurses. I should have included all the team members giving them the scope of providing feedback and also inquiring about their issues. Feedback receiving skills should be incorporated in my team work management attributes which will ultimately make me better as a team leader or the head of a project. Moreover, while developing a plan of the project, I should always follow a proper framework that would constitute research, monitoring, plan development, cross checking of resources, inquiry about the issues, implementation plan and then proper evaluation of the implemented plan. Evaluation part is very important in order to understand whether the plan that has been conducted is successful or not. Therefore, critical analyzing skill to develop an idea about what important factors need to be incorporated and what factors should be neglected is very important in order for correct allocation of resources (Sorenson et al., 2013). Therefore, correct analyzing skill is also important to act as a successful project manager in the healthcare sectors. I realized that I have to develop my communication skills and be a good listener. Cutting them while a colleague or a junior is discussing a point should be stopped by me and I should allow them to completely open up their emotions and feedbacks without judging them beforehand. I should work over my non verbal communication approached like building of proper body language, eye contact, hand gestures and others so that my approach does not seem rude or impolite. Maintaining clarity and concision is very important along with being friendly with my colleagues as well as my juniors. I already empathize with my workers for which they respect me a lot. However, I should try to be more open minded while communicating so that the opposite persons feel relaxed and discuss issues in details. From the unsuccessful results of the project that I conducted, I realized that I have to develop my organizational skills to achieve 100% success. I have to develop my knowledge in general organizing of the projects, proper planning, time management, scheduling, coordinating resources and meeting of different deadlines. I already have gained insights into the mentioned skills; however, I have to develop more knowledge in implementation and evaluation skills in order to assure success of the projects. I noticed that I have a number of flaws in my leadership skills. The fist flaw is that I do not have communication skills required to communicate with juniors and the workers. I also failed to motivate them as I was not able to understand the main issues faced by the nurses. However as a good leader, I tried to maintain positivity and harmony within the groups and a s a result, no internal conflicts arose. I tried to be creative in my approach and tended to incorporate easier training methods. However although I maintained all the fundamental duties with responsibility as a leader, I failed to seek for feedback from my workers which impacted on the result of the project. From the handling of the project, I realized that I practice empathy with my workers and due to my well applied emotional intelligence in my working environment; the workers are happy and contempt and try to work better. However, I lack feedback receiving skill while communicating with the nurses and as a result; they could not discuss the arenas where they were facing issues. Although my planning for the project was detailed with proper resource management, scheduling and others, I failed to incorporate a proper evaluation framework. Therefore form next time; I will develop my listening and feedback receiving skills and be open minded allowing both positivity and criticisms from my fellow workers. This will help me in finding faults in my work and developing the quality of my work. References: Boroughs, D. S. (2017). An Evaluation of a Continuing Education Program for Family Caregivers of Ventilator-Dependent Children with Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA).Children,4(5), 33. Crimi, C., Noto, A., Princi, P., Cuvelier, A., Masa, J. F., Simonds, A., ... Nava, S. (2016). Domiciliary Non-invasive Ventilation in COPD: An International Survey of Indications and Practices.COPD: Journal of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease,13(4), 483-490. Nicolini, A., Ferraioli, G., Ferrari?Bravo, M., Barlascini, C., Santo, M., Ferrera, L. (2014). Early non?invasive ventilation treatment for respiratory failure due to severe community?acquired pneumonia.The clinical respiratory journal. Olivieri, C., Carenzo, L., Vignazia, G. L., Campanini, M., Pirisi, M., Della Corte, F., Navalesi, P. (2015). Does noninvasive ventilation delivery in the ward provide early effective ventilation?.Respiratory care,60(1), 6-11. Srensen, D., Frederiksen, K., Grfte, T., Lomborg, K. (2013). Practical wisdom: A qualitative study of the care and management of non-invasive ventilation patients by experienced intensive care nurses.Intensive and Critical Care Nursing,29(3), 174-181.